Choosing a Rope for Team Roping

Heavenly Acres in Screven schedules individual as well as team events. Roping is one skill that is used in several of these. How do you choose a rope for team roping? Well your rope is very important and long with your training and practice.

There are two mail kinds of rope. The head rope are soft and about 30 feet long. The heel rope is more rigid and about 35 feet long. The head ropes can be soft or extra soft. The heel rope can be medium soft, medium, and so on. When you get your new rope stretch it out and and move it around to remove the wax. Some like to put a little baby powder on their rope

You will find a rope that feels good for you when you swing it and these can be made of nylon or polyester.

Ronnie and Cheryl Mullis have a special call to minister to young people. In 2009 they incorporated Heavenly Acres in Screven, Georgia. Screven is a small Southeast Georgia town of about 2000, located near tobacco and onion growing farmland.

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